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hello, everyone, i'm don lemon. it is the night the lights went out in new orleans. what a bizarre night. let's show the partying first. we'll show you the lights going out. that was a big deal. what's happening now is that the ravens, the underdog in all of this, the team that almost lost this game because the lights
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went out in the new orleans superdo superdome. could you imagine, really in the middle of the game, this was right in the middle of the game. it was right after half time, they couldn't have picks a worse moment. the lights go out. you saw the celebrating there, they're happy now, it could have been the other team celebrating. so the stadium lights go out at the superdome. they went out for real, and they nearly turned the game around, they stayed out for 35 minutes while the two teams, the crowd and the worldwide tv audience just waited. and in the end, the ravens did win a close 34-31 stopping the furious 49ers comeback, look at the cbs video now. can we take a look at that? there is john harbaugh. the ravens coach looking at the lights saying, look, the lights are out. what's going on, guys.
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announcers trying to figure out what's going on. the players are going, what's going on with the lights, everyone's looking up. shortly thereafter, some of the lighting grids go back on. and they start going on shortly thereafter in intervals. it took about 35, 40 minutes for them all to come back on. while all this is happening, there are announcements going off saying, there's a problem with the lights, there's a problem with the lights. we ask you to please remain in your seats. remain in your seats. mark mckay is there, and he's watching all of this go down live in realtime, and mark, as you're watching this, you know, it's on the loud speaker, instead of hearing, there's a drive, there's a flag on the play. people are starting to do the wave, entertaining themselves, people start to get a little bit -- they're happy and then they start to get a little bit
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restless, and i'm sure you guys started to wonder, is this going to turn ugly? >> we wondered how long it would go on. it lasted for 34 minutes. and, yes, there were announcements that were made to us, over 75,000 to remain in our seats, the power will be restored shortly. that delay lasted 35 minutes before football came back. the momentum shifted. the 49ers trailed by 22 points to the baltimore ravens, it seemed as if the ravens were running away with this game, just after half time, jacoby jones ran back the opening kickoff to the second half, 109 yards for a score, and then the power went out. didn't completely go out. the dome wasn't completely tossed into darkness, it was enough to halt the game. players on both sides were trying their best to remain limber and wait out this delay. in the stands, the folks were
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restless, the air went off. so it was starting to get warm up in the upper end where we were. don, maybe things would have been a whole lot different at the end if san francisco hadn't come all the way back to win this game. >> it made a whole lot of people nervous, including myself. but seriously, as we were watching this, we could see the harbaugh brothers, the coaches. i mean there was -- i think it was john who really became upset and had a talking to with one of the officials there. he was imagining what was going to happen. he wasn't happy that his players weren't out there on the field. he knew he had some momentum, a lot of momentum, and he knew that his players were losing that energy they had. he was not happy about it. >> no, he wasn't.
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and for good reason, as soon as the lights came on, the game came back, colin kaepernick and the 49ers got themselves back into this game. they made it a game. no one could give john harbaugh the answer as to what he needed. at this hour, we don't know, the investigation is still underway as to why we had a partial power failure at the louisiana superdome, not only included lights inside but outside as well. it was concentrated on the dome property, it wasn't necessarily in the neighborhood here, but it is something that's continued to be investigated at this hour, there's no answers as to why it went down. >> well, that's what they say. i would imagine that's initial reports. they could be right, but i think still, there's some time between now and tomorrow and before this entire investigation plays out. mark mckay, stand by, i'm sure we're going to need you, we're not sure what time we're going to go off the air tonight. you're going to have to delay your plans to go down to bourbon
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street we're going to need you to do some reporting tonight. a statement i just got in from the power company, at all times, entergy's distribution was serving the superdome. entergy is the company that supplies energy to new orleans power public service incorporated. we continue working with superdome personnel to address any outstanding issues. here's what cbs is saying tonight. immediately after the power failure, we lost numerous cameras and some audio powered by sources in the superdome, we utilized cbs's backup power and at no time did we leave the air. they were doing a lot of dancing on the air the sportscasters, because they were just dancing, they didn't know what to do. terence moore, down in new
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orleans. standing outside the superdome. they have given out all the trophies. we were looking at all the partying on bourbon street. they're headed that way there they are. that's baltimore. they're partying in baltimore, partying in new orleans. and terence they're streaming out of the superdome, i'm sure. this was indeed, this is not a cliche when it comes to this one, a nail biter. >> no question about it. i have to say this, there will be a controversy that could be rather huge here. because there was one report on the internet from espn that the fire marshalls said that there was a fire at some point in the superdome around an elevator, okay? so if that is true, then that could be a problem, because they kept announcing -- the p.a. announcers kept announcing for everyone to stay in their seats, be calm.
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we all know what happened in brazil with that nightclub. if that is true, there's going to be have to be a lot of explanation there as to why people were told to stay still, don't move -- >> terence. >> there was not an evacuation taking place. >> say again, what was the issue? >> the issue was, espn was reporting and i guess a couple other wire services were reporting there's a helicopter going above me right now. >> we can hear you. >> that the fire marshall said there was a fire reported in the superdome near an elevator. as a matter of fact, the report also said one of the elevators was not working supposedly because of this fire. the problem with that is, in the superdo superdome, they kept announcing over and over again, to tell everybody to stay in their seats and don't move. my contention is, we all know what happened a few days ago with the nightclub fire in brazil, where you had bodyguards
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or people -- the bouncers blocking the doors so people can't get out. this was not the right move, the move, if this is true was to have people calmly evacuate the superdome. again, that was one report that the fire marshalls had said that. you just mentioned the mayor said -- there's going to be a complete review of the situation. let's wait and see what happens when it comes to that. >> yeah. okay. listen. again, that's not cnn's reporting, but we'll check on that and see if that is indeed true. if you are right, that is the wrong thing to do. let us get now to jim harbaugh. you know when -- he just got up. jim harbaugh just addressed the crowd there in new orleans. the loser always goes first. i guess he was probably congratulating his brother. we missed it because we were getting breaking news from you on a report about a possible fire in an elevator. we don't know if that's true. that's cnn's reporting. i'm looking off here because i'm
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looking at the feed coming in. this is a celebration out in baltimore. we'll check on what you said about a possible fire in an elevator, if that's true, depending on where that fire was and how severe it was it would cause evacuating. but not in all cases when there's a fire. when there's a fire with wiring, with fuses that can cause the power to go out. a tale of two cities here, the city on the left, the winning city is baltimore maryland. the city on the right is, we hope still the winning city, depending on the situation when all the reports come in it will be -- that's the city of new orleans. joe flacco, the ravens quarterback is the most valuable player, he's speaking now, addressing the media. let's listen in. >> superdome --
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>> you've seen those guys do it. they have the ability to score and score quickly. that's kind of what they did there. we got them to 28-6, they were able to go the length of the field and put a good drive together. and we kind of -- you know, we didn't get anywhere on our third down, first, second and third down. we got a punt return and boom. games happen -- games can go like that, that's why you have to take care of the football and get first downs, but -- we have a team that no matter what the situation, we're going to overcome it to the best of our ability and it's kind of fitting that we won it like that today. >> is it special for you? >> yeah, it's unbelievable. especially the way it happened. the niners drive all the way down the field and they stop them on four straight downs on the five yard line. it's pretty cool.
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everyone knows he's an unbelievable football player, but he's the best teammate and it's unbelievable to send him out like this. and the reason for that is, he just wanted us to know what it feels like to win this thing. he's felt it, and he wanted to feel it again. but he really wanted us to feel that. and we all made it happen today. >> how did the confetti feel and all the thoughts of going through it, and actually going through it. >> they shoot a lot of it out there, it's pretty cool. we're walking off the field, it was like it just snowed confetti and it was all for us. it felt good. >> both teams had to deal with it, we came off -- i think they were facing a 3rd and 14 and we didn't do anything with the
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ball. >> 15 touchdowns, december 6th. >> i don't know, man. it happens like that. i don't think i'm a person that throws a lot of picks in general. we've played 20 games this year, i think i've thrown ten of them. it just happens that way. the team came together and got healthy and we hit our stride at the right point and that's why we're standing where we are today. >> awesome, man. he came up huge. he did a great job getting open on some of the routes he had. and relied on them big time at the end on one of those third downs. they rotated over the top of them, so you really wouldn't throw that ball too much. but he had a little bit of separation there. and he did a great job catching that football. that's a beast right there. >> everybody does. they have to give it to one guy, i'm not going to complain that i got it. >> how important is it to have that kind of word from the owner.
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>> it's cool. we just won the super bowl. he did let me know that if the day came, i could go beat on his desk and really put it to him. that's exactly what i'm going to do. >> you talk about -- >> yeah, that's what the game called for. there were sometimes when they broke through, sometimes when they did a good job covering people. you could see that on film. you knew they were going to have tight coverage on the receivers. some things just work out that way. those kept the drives going. allowed us to put those points on the board. the first half -- this game always comes down to two minute drives. that's exactly what it came down to today. we were able to get is t done i the first half.
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we were able to get it done. i don't ever want to feel like i'm in a position to deened if myself. it's not right. i don't have to do that. but we'll have this thing forever. and everybody on that team will be connected to each other forever, and that's something pretty special. [ inaudible ] >> our team's great, you saw us. we're hanging out, getting ready for the game to get going. i think the receivers would have been able to see the ball and all of that, the biggest issue was with the headsets. i think ours were working, theirs weren't. there was something discussed there with -- what we might have to do if they never come back on, but it was just one of those things that happens. you have to deal with it. i think they were able to get some momentum, because they got their offense going a little bit. >> a few more questions.
11:16 pm
>> this type of victory was automatic. the way that your team plays. and that -- >> i think it's fitting that we won that way. it's the kind of -- like i said, we're a tough blue collar city. and that's the way our games tend to come down. we were up 28-6. i'm sure a lot of people were nervous, but we're kind of like, this might be pretty easy. and the next thing you know, the niners get back into it, and play great football. we had to grind one out. >> i was sitting on the bench, i'm kind of thinking, man, these guys got it going right now. to be honest, i'm thinking, they're going to put the ball on the end zone. we're going to kick the ball to tie it or win. i assume we would go for two again to make it a three-point game. that's what i was getting in my mind-set ready to do. put us in position to score a touchdown or kick a field goal. >> last question? >> in terms of playing from
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behind sometimes in tight games, having the ball, you would think you're looking -- you're probably thinking, i'm going to get this ball last if we have to? >> yeah. >> how has it been in these tight situations the last couple years? >> it always helps. it's really what makes a team and forms a team, a schauble champion team, we've been put through those situations, when they come up, we don't know if we're going to be successful, the bottom line is, the moment doesn't get too big. we're comfortable. we've been there before and we've failed before. we've succeeded before. and we're not worried about the outcome. we go out there and play football, execute. we believe that if we do that, and we do that to our ability. eventually it's going to work out. >> okay, guys, that's it, we have to go. >> we're going this way. >> yes, joe flacco we were nervous too because we thought you guys had it in the bag. you're exactly right. he's the mvp and the quarterback
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for the ravens and we were right along with you. we were nervous and worried and scared, at least us ravens fans. we're talking in the studio about karma. karma after one of the 49ers players made a disparaging remark. and we all started rooting for the ravens, i think everyone knows what i'm talking about, karma is a you know what. as we look at the tale of two cities tonight. on the left baltimore maryland. look at the streets of baltimore, man. people are excited there. and on the right, the city of new orleans, the city that never sleeps. that is the winning city right there in the middle of your screen. we're going to get back to this developing story. we can call it a developing story, we don't know what's going to happen. all the investigation has not been done when it am coulds to this story. someone's talking in my ear, that's why i stopped. this is the wing coach, john
11:19 pm
harbaugh. >> our team president, every one of our players who you'll be talking to, i hope, shortly. thank you, baltimore fans for sticking with us, for believing in us. we all does it together. i'm talking about the fans and the players and the coaches and the organization, all the little kids wearing purple on friday. all the kids at johns hopkins hospital that sent us that video for. for the 49ers, it's just a great football game. the way that game played out when it was 28-6 and the lights went out. and whatever happened, i just knew with jim harbaugh being on the sideline and all those years we've been together. that game was going to be a dogfight right to the end. those guys were coming back. there's no greater competitor, there's no greater coach in the nfl or in the world as far as i'm concerned than jim harbaugh. the way that team played, proves it.
11:20 pm
what they've done is unprecedented. and they showed it today, the way they battled back and fought to the end, that's who he is, and that's who they are. and i could not be more proud of him and what he's done there. my family, mom and dad. we love you, thank you, thank you. ingrid and alison, thank you. tom, joannie, your family, thanks for being here. it's a glorious day and gods is gracious and god is good. and god is in control. >> how fitting was it that the final series of ray lewis's career. >> the final series of ray lewis' career was a goal line stand to win the lombardi trophy. he said on the podium, how could it be any other way than that. we said to our team many times, it played out the same way, it wasn't perfect, it wasn't pretty, but it was us. and that's who we are.
11:21 pm
joe was phenomenal. we're sitting there at 3rd and 6 inches, and joe has three play options, he decides to throw the fade to anquan. he throws it right on the money and anquan goes up and makes the play. that just shows me he has guts. he was doing it all night, making plays. [ inaudible ] >> it feels good, dave. i'd like to be more profound than that, it feels like ray said it would feel. it feels like all the guys that worked so hard and stuck together through trials and tribulations and difficulties and maintained faith, it feels like they got what they deserved. >> the meeting with jim in the middle was probably the most difficult thing i've ever been associated with in my life. i'm proud of them.
11:22 pm
thoughts on colin kaepernick and their offense. it's not just colin, he makes it go, but they're offense is incredible. there's so many problems they posed. trying to find a defensive call. i thought they did a tremendous job. our players did a tremendous job of playing with discipline. you make one mistake, you don't cover it exactly right. you don't close exactly right, and they make a big play. that's why they're so dangerous. this team is going to be around for many years to come. what's that? we're a resilient team, that's why we won the game. >> he was going to retire -- what were the -- >> i think all that stuff is overrated. ray, obviously, we love ray. and there's no way our guys would ever want to have not ray go out like this, but it's not just ray. it's a team effort.
11:23 pm
it's a team accomplishment. like ray's saying right now, we did it. it's a team accomplishment. hey, where's everybody going? go ahead, that's okay. i told them, there's an old motown song, ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough to keep us from wing this championship. that's exactly what i said. it's a great song too. as i said before, not even close, i know who the other coach is, and i know the ways those guys reflect his personality, he wasn't going to allow for it to end that way. they handled that better than we did. the momentum turned and they handled it well. >> your offense has done it. and now your defense led five times -- >> i don't know if i have words for it. i think it speaks to our
11:24 pm
resolve. it speaks to our determination, our mental toughness, our faith, our trust in one another. our belief in one another. that's what wins and loses games, they always turn on situations like that, our guys have been there in the end. we had five or six in a row like that, it's been incredible. i thought we still have 13 minutes left in the third quarter, we have a lot of football left to play, and i knew who we were playing, the team and the coach that was across the sideline, that was going to be a tough game to the end. we called them up in the huddle right before we went out there. i made two big a deal about that. it had to do with the phones and whether we were going to have communication or take communication away. there's certain rules involved with that, i was trying to make a case. they told me -- it ended up being a moot point, i guess. it was much ado about nothing.
11:25 pm
jacoby's been a blessing to this team. we're grateful to have him on this team. he's right from here in new orleans. ed reid right from here in new orleans, made the interception. for those guys to be able to do that in their hometown. those were just two phenomenal plays. the kick was well blocked. to make the catch, go down, get up and outrun someone to the corner, i mean, it should go down in super bowl history. >> last question. >> is there a part of you -- >> the winning coach of the ravens talking about his experience tonight. you heard him, he said, when i looked on the other side of that field during that 35 minute break with the lights and i looked at my brother jim, i knew they were going to come back and play a hard game in that second half, he knew he was going to be in trouble because he knew that brother. >> we're going to keep a close eye on this press conference.
11:26 pm
there are police in that crowd in baltimore. and it looks like the crowd's getting pretty crowdy there. police are trying to control the crowd. we're going to keep an eye on that, and all of the press conferences and keep an eye on new orleans to the right of your screen as well as we look at bourbon street. we still have a lot to cover here for you on cnn. try to get to the bottom of that situation that happened in new orleans with the power outage that almost changed the outcome of this game. ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay alive... but feel alive. the new c-class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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we're following the news when it comes to super bowl xlvii, all the celebrating and exactly what happened when the lights went out in the super bowl. you're looking at live pictures of baltimore maryland, you saw the celebrating happening in the streets of baltimore. you saw police officers, they were on horses trying to get -- corral the crowd. i don't know exactly what's going on, we'll try to get some information for you. we want to tell you about all the information, everything that's going on when it comes to the ravens and the san francisco 49ers. the ravens hung on to beat the 49ers tonight. 34-31. the ravens led 28-6 before a power outage in the superdome put the game on hold for 35 minutes in the third quarter. san francisco came back after the delay to make the game -- to make a game of it, but was never
11:31 pm
able to take the lead. we're tracking a deadly bus crash in southern california near san bernardino. emergency responders are saying now that multiple people were killed when the bus rolled over in a mountainous area. this is a video late this evening from our affiliate kabc. 27 people were taken from the scene by ambulances. it happened on highway 38 near mentone california, which is east of san bernardino. now, news of a killing at a gun range, everyone involved, the alleged shooter and all the victims are all former mirltry men. one of the dead is well known former navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle who wrote a best selling book all about his career in special operations. he described himself as the most lethal sniper in u.s. military history. here's where he died yesterday.
11:32 pm
a gun rangeouts side ft. worth texas. a third man shot them both dead. the suspect is now in custody. officials in alabama say they're still communicating with suspect jimmy lee dikes to negotiate the release of a 5-year-old boy. he's been held hostage since being abducted from a school bus tuesday. a funeral was held today for the school bus driver who was held trying to shield the children. police quickly ends a dangerous situation outside london's buckingham palace today. a man who looked to be in his 50s, holding a large knife to his throat broke through a security cordon. he got agitated as police start closing in. he finally lunged at a police officer, there you go right there, you can see it, the officer fired his taser, knocking the man to the ground where police handcuffed him. we want to go now, ray lewis speaking to the media. >> never quitting, and always
11:33 pm
believing in your dreams and goals. there's no better reward as a father to win a ring on your last ride with my kids being by my side. no matter what was said, no matter what i've been through, my babies have always looked to me as their father. as a man, it's the greatest reward ever, to go out 17 years of a dream. and now i get to hug my babies for the rest of my life, and i get to say i was a champion when i went out. it's just no better way to go out. >> that's ray lewis speaking. he had his children by his side. terence moore, i'm going to go to you. ray lewis involved in a situation here in atlanta, a
11:34 pm
deadly outcome at a nightclub here. you say he's made a turnaround, he's a changed man. can you hear me, terence? terence moore, are you there? we'll work on getting him back. ray lewis involved in an altercation here back in 2001 at a nightclub. he was acquitted. and sadly someone died during that altercation and there were other people who were implicated in that as well. there are still people who believe ray lewis is guilty for that and should have paid the price, should have gone to jail or spent some time in prison and didn't. they still hold him responsible and they feel he should be held accountable. and there are others who feel he has paid the price, did his time
11:35 pm
and should move on. he has many critics and many supporters, in the years since the -- the 11 or 12 years since, he has turned his life over to god. you hear him speaking in press conferences speaking about god and his family. to be able to go out on a happy on a high note with his children by his side. he said for him children to see him as a champion. these are people who are celebrating in the streets of baltimore. earlier there was an altercation with police officers who were on horses -- mounted police officers, trying to get some of the crowd to settle down and move back. we don't know what's going on, we do not have control over these pictures because our affiliates are controlling them. this is from their choppers. from their news helicopters. i don't know exactly where this is in baltimore. again, because this is not our
11:36 pm
chopper. there's some very happy folks there. san francisco 49ers were supposed to win this game. the money was on san francisco, the money was on san francisco and they almost won it after that blackout. but baltimore won. they are really proud of their team, very proud of ray lewis, what they deem as ray lewis' turnaround. and ray lewis has been with this team for a long time. and you know terence moore, there were people saying to me on social media tonight, how can you root for the rave nns? of course, you know he was not found guilty. he was acquitted. so ray, don't answer.
11:37 pm
let's hold our thoughts on ray lewis, he just held a press conference. you and i will talk about it the ups and downs, the ins and outs of ray lewis, what he and the team mean to those people who are celebrating in the streets of baltimore right after this break. bright students are getting lost in the shuffle. and administration's work gets more complex every year. when you look at these issues, do you see problems or opportunities? with an advanced degree in education from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to meet these challenges and make a difference in the lives of students. let's get started at every signature is unique, and every fingerprint unrepeatable. at sleep number, we recognize the incredible diversity of human beings, and know that up there with your social security number and your phone number is another important number.
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we're back now, talking about super bowl xlvii, there's a lot of celebrating going on, especially in baltimore,
11:41 pm
maryland right now. there it is, and these are those mounted police officers who are trying to keep those people in control. they're happy, they're celebrating, i don't know if they're out of control. but look at them, they look to be taunting the officers a little bit. it could be just happy taunting. we haven't heard of any arrests, the people are obviously very happy, they're excited. their team won, they deserve to celebrate, they don't deserve to -- the cops don't need any shenanigans or hooliganism or any of that stuff. but they're happy and they should be happy. they're celebrating down in new orleans, that's where we find terence moore who is a sports contributor. let me tell you this. when we talk about the super bowl, we're going to talk about, first, i think we're going to talk about the blackout. i don't know, listen, you can pick the order. we're going to talk about the blackout, the whole issue of gay rights, beyonce, and we're going to talk about you know who, ray
11:42 pm
lewis, who just spoke and said, it's nice to go out with a champion with my children here. terence, are you there? >> yes, i am. you're asking me what i think about ray lewis? >> yes. i'm talking to you. i said you were down there. there's nobody else on tv. let's talk about ray lewis. >> you talk about the ray lewis thing, let's talk about ray lewis and get that out of the way here. people need to leave this man alone. this is a great story of redemption. for this guy to win a super bowl going out the door, that makes it even better. he's a guy who has said, i screwed up. he's a guy who said, i'm going to spend the rest of my life telling young people and people in general that i made these mistakes, you don't make these mistakes. now he's a world champion. he's got more ears, more people he can give this message to.
11:43 pm
this should be a great story, we should celebrate the story, not continue to ridicule this guy for something that he allegedly did and he's been proven innocent of. >> listen, i'm not a sports guy. i was working in philadelphia when this happened. what was -- was ray lewis acquitted? i don't know everything. was he acquitted or did he take a plea deal? what happened? >> is it was basically a plea. >> he plead to obstruction of justice i'm told by my producers. >> the point of the matter is, he was not found guilty of murder. >> listen, ray lewis -- there are people who say, why are you talking about ray lewis and bringing up his past. he brought up his own past in the press conference. he keeps bringing up his past and saying that he is redeemed and he's a new person. so stop saying we're bringing up ray lewis' past. he's bringing it up, that's why
11:44 pm
we're talking about it. >> exactly. which makes the point even more poignant about here's a guy who is just fegsing up to what he did in the past, and he wants to rectify it in the future. it's a great story. people should embrace this, here's something else, don, there's been very few occasions in the history of sports that a guy has retired going out on top. john elway did it, rocky marsian know did it, tony larussa did it as a manager, this is one of those fairy tale type things that could be on the positive, if people will look at the glass half full instead of half empty as far as ray lewis is concerned. >> it's all in how you look at it. america is a place of redeposition stories, it's all how you look at it. terence, stand by. i'm talking about lamar campbell. former nfler as well. we'll talk to him after the break. ..
11:45 pm
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welcome back, everyone. this is baltimore, maryland, it's a crowd of folks that are celebrating. their team won 34-31. queer we're on late, and we're staying on late because of the unusual circumstances surrounding this particular super bowl as you see there on your screen. the ravens win. there was a 35 minute power outage which almost cost the san
11:49 pm
francisco 49ers to win after the ravens were surging. they had all the momentum until this power outage. look at these images, nearly dark superdome. i want to go now to, we have terence moore. he's there. and then lamar campbell, who's the most of life after the game on voice america sports. and aformer nfl player for the lions. lam lamar, what the heck happened as you were watching when this power outage went out? were things going to. if this had gone on for too long, things could have gotten rowdy in the superdome? >> you know what, i think first of all, what an amazing game even after that, which has had to be one of the strangest third quarters in super bowl history guaranteed. you look at when the lights went out.
11:50 pm
beyonce had a great performance. when it came down to the lights being out for 30 minutes. one thing i saw in the stands, is that people were having such a good time i did not hear that much complaining in the dome at all. the fans were great, people were great, the players -- what it affected was the momentum of the game. once we came out of the blackout, the ravens and 49ers were resuming their positions where they were before the blackout occurred. >> lamar, i wish we could spend more time with you. we're getting close to the top of the hour. ♪ [ construction sounds ] ♪ [ watch ticking ] [ engine revs ] come in. ♪
11:51 pm
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welcome back, everyone. the celebrating still happening now in baltimore. police trying to corral some of the celebrating and parties there, as we've been looking. they've been able to get some of the folks off the streets. these pictures courtesy of our
11:55 pm
affilia affiliates from baltimore, maryland. we'll get back to the city of baltimore in a moment, where they're celebrating -- going back to the other city where they're sell belating. that's in the city of new orleans. lamar campbell is the host of life after the game on voice america sportses and the detroit lions, he's in new orleans tonight. he joins us now. he was at the game when the blackout happened. lamar, you're there, all of a sudden the lights go out and people are sort of sitting around trying to figure out what's going on. this certainly did -- whatever it did, it changed the momentum of the game. it could have had a completely different outcome and it almost didn't. >> it definitely almost did. before the blackout, when jacoby jones scored. i thought that would be the moment of the super bowl the ravens pulled it out. after the -- once the blackout occurred, in the first couple seconds and the 49ers came back and scored. i said the story of the game will be the blackout, does the
11:56 pm
49ers come back and win that game? obviously it does change the landscape of the game. it was a great game, and baltimore held off. >> you heard john harbaugh, the coach of the ravens say, you know, as i was sitting there during those 35 minutes looking across the field at my brother jim. i know what kind of team they are, what kind of coach he is. i knew they were going to come back strong every minute we were not on the field playing, i knew they were getting stronger mentally and they were going to come back and play harder. >> yeah, but we have a chance -- you look at it last week in the tennis match, you have a chance to get your composure, they came out and played the game. they have a chance to get their mind together. it came on a more confident team they came back and beat them 17
11:57 pm
points. the situation they have been in before. it gave them the confidence, you see they came out and played that way. >> thank you very much, we appreciate you joining us. i want to go now to the baltimore police commissioner anthony bahts. we're going to go to the police department, the police commissioner just as soon as we get him. we're going to find out what's going on there. we saw what looks to be a little tussling in the streets, we don't know. commissioner, thanks for joining us on cnn. what's going on? it appears that some of the officers got some of the people off the streets? >> my sound is really bad, i think you're asking for an update. very quickly, go ravens, it's an exciting time for us. we have a number of residents out doing a celebratory jumping in the streets. we have a number of officers in and around the area and have been there for a time. we have two locations, federal
11:58 pm
hill which has been the southwest part of our city. and fellspoint we probably have 1,000 in each location. which are -- they're just celebrating at this point and i think things are going well. >> we did, commissioner, see, though, some mounted police officers in the video. and them moving some people back. what was that all about. >> what we have given direction from our emergency operations center, i wanted them to start moving the crowd at a slow pace. i think the pace was too fast for the amount of time that's going on. we had to slow it up a little bit to give people time to celebrate. we expect them to be out here for an hour or so. and just celebrating at na point. we're not looking to cause a bigger problem than it is. we know people are happy. we're trying to recorrect traffic coming into our city.
11:59 pm
some of our main freeways that are taking place. other than that, things are going well. >> we're looking at live pictures. and it appears to be people in traffic. have you had any arrests? >> we had -- at the first beginning we had a couple arrests, low key things and yes we have people who are running between cars and not really causing problems other than jumping up and down. the bigger concern right now is not feeding more people to come in. if you can advice people we're not allowing people in the downtown area, we're going to start pushing crowds out of the area within the hour. until then, we're going to celebrate and be happy that the ravens have won. >> all right, thank you, anthony batts, baltimore maryland police commissioner. in an hour or two, these guys have to get off the streets. it's been an interesting evening here on cnn, rorting on this and seeing the blackout at the

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